School was never my cup of tea, so I'm completely self-taught: I started learning about 3D modelling and animation at 12, thinking I'd probably go into the video game industry. But, some years later, I got into web development and I loved it, so it's been my primary focus ever since.


My other interests has not been abandoned completely, however, and as it turns out - it's quite useful.
Most of my clients tend to need more than just web programming - so having a single person take care of it all has many benefits.

It saves both time, and money!

  • Logo Design
  • Custom 3D Renderings (products, packaging...)
  • Video and other Media Production
  • Brochures and other graphics for social media marketing.

You may call me "a Jack of All Trades, and a master of none." - but I like this one better:

"Generalist, and master of efficiency."
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